Raluca Budiu

Raluca Budiu

About me

I am a Senior Researcher at Nielsen Norman Group, working in user experience (UX) and usability. My job has several components:

  1. Training seminars for clients and at Usability Week conferences on the following topics:
  2. Consulting for clients from a variety of industries on usability-related topics
  3. Usability research on topics ranging from mobile phones and tablets to children's websites, as well as coauthoring of reports with design guidelines
  4. Writing UX articles for nngroup.com

Previously, I worked at Microsoft and at Xerox PARC.

I obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. I am originally from Romania.


Jakob Nielsen, Raluca Budiu.
Mobile Usability . New Riders Press 2012.
Published in English, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish.

Nielsen Norman Group Reports

Raluca Budiu, Jakob Nielsen.
"iPad App and Website Usability" (2 editions)
Raluca Budiu, Jakob Nielsen.
" Mobile Website and Application Usability" (2 editions)
Raluca Budiu, Jakob Nielsen.
Tablet Website and Application Usability".
Raluca Budiu, Jakob Nielsen.
"Children (Ages 3-12) on the Web (2nd edition)".

Articles for NNGRoup.com

Nonfiction Books on Tablets: Still a Work in Progress
Search Is Not Enough: Synergy Between Navigation and Search
Maximize the Content-to-Chrome Ratio, Not the Amount of Content on Screen
Direct Access vs. Sequential Access: Definition
Memory Recognition and Recall in User Interfaces
Scaling User Interfaces: An Information-Processing Approach to Multi-Device Design
Login Walls Stop Users in Their Tracks
The Reciprocity Principle: Give Before You Take in Web Design
Usability Testing for Mobile Is Easy
Smartwatches Are the Future\But Samsung Galaxy Gear Only Partway There
iOS 7 User-Experience Appraisal
Mobile: Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps
Interaction Cost

Selected Interviews and Press Mentions

Fast Company. With Android Lollipop, Mobile Multitasking Takes A Great Leap Forward
USA Today. Apple loses some of its magic touch with iOS7.
Associated Press. Apple unveils iOS7, new operating system
Forbes. Someone Named Raluca Budiu Doesn't Like Windows 8: What if She's Right?
CNET. The Windows 8 'kick me' sign.
Laptop Magazine. Usability Expert: Windows 8 on PCs is Confusing, a Cognitive Burden.
Market Watch. Windows 8 wonft quickly revive PC market
PC World. The Windows 8 UI: How do interface and usability experts rate all the changes?
Techcrunch. Windows 8 Is gA Cognitive Burdenh
MIT Tech Review. How distracting are social media tools? Poynter. iPad news apps lack accessibility and usability

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Raluca Budiu, Peter Pirolli, Lichan Hong (2009).
Rememberance of things tagged: How tagging effort affects tag production and human memory. Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Cystems, CHI'09 . Boston MA, 615-624.
Lichan Hong, Ed Chi, Raluca Budiu, Peter Pirolli, Les Nelson (2008).
SparTag.us: A low cost tagging system for foraging of web content.
Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI'08), Naples, Italy, 2008.
Raluca Budiu, Peter Pirolli (2007),
Modeling navigation in degree-of-interest trees. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Conference, Nashville, TN, August 2007.
Raluca Budiu, Christiaan Royer, Peter Pirolli (2007),
Modeling information scent: A comparison of LSA, PMI and GLSA similarity measures on common tests and corpora. Proceedings of RIAO'07 Pittsburgh, PA, May 2007.
Raluca Budiu, Peter Pirolli, Michael Fleetwood, Julie Heiser (2006),
Navigation in degree-of-interest trees. Proceedings of the Advanced Visual Interfaces Conference (AVI), Venice, Italy, May 2006.
Raluca Budiu, John R. Anderson (2006).
Word learning in context --- Metaphors and neologisms. In M. A. Vanchevsky (ed.). Focus on cognitive psychology reseach. Nova Science Publishers, NY: Hauppage.
Raluca Budiu, John R. Anderson (2005).
Negation in non-literal sentences. Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Stresa, Italy, July 2005.
Raluca Budiu, John R. Anderson (2004).
Interpretation-based processing: A unified theory of semantic sentence comprehension. Cognitive Science, 28, pp. 1-44. [abstract] [pdf]
Raluca Budiu, John R. Anderson (2003).
Verification of Sentences Containing Anaphoric Metaphors. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, Bamberg, Germany, April 2003. [abstract] [pdf]
Raluca Budiu, John R. Anderson (2002).
Comprehending Anaphoric Metaphors. Memory & Cognition, 30, pp. 158-165. [abstract] [pdf]
Raluca Budiu (2001).
The Role of Background Knowledge in Sentence Processing. Doctoral Dissertation, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. (Available as Technical Report No. CMU-CS-O1-148.) [abstract] [pdf] [defense slides]
John R. Anderson,  Raluca Budiu,  Lynne M. Reder (2001).
A Theory of Sentence Memory as Part of A General Theory of Memory, Journal of Memory and Language, 45, pp. 337-367. [abstract] [pdf]
Raluca Budiu,  John R. Anderson (2000).
Integration of Background Knowledge in Sentence Processing: A Unified Theory of Metaphor Understanding, Semantic Illusions and Text Memory. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, Groningen, Netherlands, pp. 50-57. [abstract] [pdf] A more detailed variant of this paper is included in my thesis proposal. [pdf] [proposal slides]

Contact Information

Raluca Budiu
Email: raluca at alumni dot cmu dot edu

raluca at alumni dot cmu dot edu